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Vacation, Staycation, Waycation

Is it possible to vacate, stay and find the way all at once? That is the goal as I head into summer life activities. Leaving behind all the structure and expectations. Staying firmly embedded in the present moment. Contemplating the journey to this point and all the potential paths I may choose to walk later today, tomorrow, next week. It all becomes a little bit easier during summer months.

Vacating – whether a physical location, well-worn routines or bad habits – permits disconnecting from all the normal ties, obligations and expectations. If we only have the opportunity for a day trip, a weekend getaway or a ten day voyage, allow yourself to fully depart. When it is time to return to the routine, you will return with a lighter step, a deeper capacity for breath and a sense of gratitude to yourself for really having a vacation experience.

Staying present. Can be so much easier in the summer too – so effortless to become captivated by a sunrise or sunset, to allow the current moment to seep into our bodies and souls. To fully embrace where you are, what you are doing, who you are with when you ARE where you ARE, when you ARE fully DOING what you ARE DOING and when you ARE with those around you. During summer months, the old adage – there is no greater gift than the present moment – makes complete sense.

Ways - like summer fruit - ripe and bursting with potential - all paths seem possible, interesting and connected to something bigger and grander. When we vacation and stay present, our imaginations fully ignite. Removing all the clutter, clears away limitations and allows us to dream big or at least dream differently. Allowing yourself time to try on what feels good on the inside as you contemplate the best way to manifest it.

I encourage you to truly take a break from the routine, stay present and curiously contemplate the possibilities that await you – in this season and the next!


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