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Amy Mullen

Amy Mullen is an Inner Alignment Coach who is passionate about helping her clients find balance, clarity and peace by connecting their inner self into the outer world. 

She received her certification as an Inner Alignment Coach in 2018 and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification program in 2020.  She is an Advanced Reiki practitioner and dedicated yogi.  Amy has over 20 years of health and civil service experience connecting people to necessary resources that assist them in their everyday life.  As a coach, Amy’s work remains grounded in service. She strives to connect her clients with appropriate resources to guide themselves through a healing journey in order to live a more authentic life. 


"Amy helped me sort through some issues while teaching me to embrace who I am, where I am at. The universe truly does provide.  I can embrace my fire & calm my  heart."  - Jo L.


"Working with Amy is a true gift. She created a safe space for me to explore the misconceptions and fears that were holding me back from connecting to the feeling of contentment I was seeking in my home.  Her ability to listen and help clear away the clutter to see the truth at the base of a situation is masterful." ~AFG


"Amy's Souled Out Program allowed me to evaluate balance from within.  By focusing on the chakras and my own energy, I was able 

to keep a higher level of balance in my everyday life.  Regardless of what is going on around me, I am able to use tools within me to

stay aware, centered and open to the experience or emotion presenting itself." - RAW


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